Sticky little loaves remain the UK’s favourite malt loaf, made to a top secret recipe Soreen is still loved by the nation.

The secret’s in the squidge. Give it a squeeze. Come on. Don’t be shy. There. Feel that? That’s deliciously chewy fruitiness that is. Packed with juicy raisins our loaves are bursting with energy to help keep you fuelled up and ready for action. But don’t take the squidginess too literally –they’re low in fat too.

How to enjoy me

Slice me, tear me, chop me, share me… or why not toast me?? Grill me, smother me with jam… or just enjoy me as I come.

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Deliciously squidly energy - The Original Malt Loaf

Note: As these are made for ready to eat market in the UK we keep them frozen until ready to ship. Hence they will be past the date on the package.
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